New work 


This statue consists of three water drops and hangs in the stairwell of a villa in Spijkenisse Holland.

The drops are made of aluminum and polished gold. The light source is LED. Dimensions 1m20 diameter 80 cm round and 90 cm by 1m20 long.

The villa is right on the Harinvliet, water is decisive so I have translated this into drops.

Peter Palm


This light object consists of corrugated cut aluminum strips polished with gold. The dimensions are 5 meters by 80 cm. The light source consists of LED lamps with 4 LED spots that shine on the table.

Light object WAVES 2

This round object consists of different layers that are illuminated from the center with LED spots. The material is polished aluminum with polished gold.

Workshop / werplaats

All my light objects are made in-house. We also do the hanging or mounting at your home or company.