The paintings are a reflection of the things that concern me.

In contrast to my light objects that I only make on commission, my paintings are not made on commission.

Energy and creativity are now important issues for me. My mind says go, but my body says stop. A conflict, a fight that I have to face. I am a Mazaratie without wheels. The chronic progressive muscle / nerve disorder is the cause here. My art is very important to continue with life and not have to lie on the couch all day. I also have to get used to the fact that unlike my light objects that I already sold before they were finished, my paintings seem to be so personal that they are difficult to sell. Maybe I don't want to sell them either because they are too close to me. I hope they appeal to you. You can come and view the paintings in my gallery at Oranjeboomstraat 66 a in Rotterdam Holland. We would like to make an appointment and which paintings you want to see, then I can hang them up. my space is limited.

Panta Rhei No 1

2 meter bij 80 cm acril, fragment. 8400euro Sold

Every person has a mask that masks his real me.
The dimensions are 1m50 long and 90 cm wide and are painted with acril paint on coarse canvas.

You can view the painting in the Patty Koll galery at Oranjeboomstraat 66 a 3071BB Rotterdam. Holland

The mask

Own collection of artist
Not for sale

Black Jezus

Schilderij afmetingen 1m20cm materiaal mdf 5mm. Acril verf. 


Acril and mdf 1meter 20 cm X 1meter 20 cm

Own collection of artist
Not for sale


Acril and mdf 1meter 20 cm by 1meter 2o cm

Own collection of artist
Not for sale